V 0.8.1 - Pact Sheets!

Mostly fixing typos and formatting stuff, but some tweaks to rules here and there. The biggest update here is the inclusion of the newly completed pact sheet and some updated play materials! All of the player-facing materials should be done at this point, so the next step will be working on the keeper-facing reference sheets. 


  • Added rules/procedure reference, character creation reference, pact sheet, gear list, pact creation and upgrades reference,  example character and pact sheets, and three versions of the map (with an example labelled map) to the playkit
  • Clarified use of countdown clocks
  • Added advice for changing the showdown questions
  • Adjusted showdown roll results to be more consistent with the intended tone of the game
  • Added note discussing the difficulty of achieving "safe" position to be more consistent with the intended tone of the game
  • Deprioritized safe position in the section on position
  • Added additional guidance on creating, using, and upgrading allies
  • Tweaked requirements for taking monstrous abilities to offset the cost of using them
  • Adjusted luck cost of resisting to add greater variation between result tiers
  • Added some in-character notes to the version of the map in the book for flavor
  • Misc typo and formatting fixes


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14 days ago

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